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ONAP vFW Blueprint Across Two Regions

In the last blog, we talked about how to use a public OpenStack cloud such as VEXXHOST as the NFVI layer for the ONAP vFW blueprint along with a containerized version of ONAP orchestrated by Kubernetes. As we discussed, in reality, the traffic source and the vFW VNF are unlikely to be in the same … READ MORE

A Cost Effective Way to Try the ONAP vFW Blueprint

The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is a Linux Foundation project that provides a way to design network services, manage their life-cycle and perform service assurance using real-time policy driven closed-loop automation (i.e. no humans involved, policies directly drive life-cycle management operations). ONAP can be used to automate just about any SDN or NFV service, … READ MORE

Justin Garrison, Stephen Spector, and Rob Hirschfeld on Cloud Native Infrastructure

On April 2, Rob Hirschfeld, CEO/founder at Austin-based infrastructure automation shop RackN, Stephen Spector, RackN’s CMO, and Justin Garrison, Senior Systems Engineer for Walt Disney Studios and co-author (with Kris Nova) of the recent O’Reilly book Cloud Native Infrastructure: Patterns for Scalable Infrastructure and Applications in a Dynamic Environment recorded a fascinating podcast in which … READ MORE

Implementation of Managed, Persistent Disk based File Server on GCP, for a Leading Medical Enterprise

A leading medical enterprise found its users’ storage requirements were increasing steadily and also envisioned a need for analytics. Expanding storage on the existing, on-premise, Windows-based file server required substantial CapEx & ongoing OpEx for maintenance, without completely addressing the need for Analytics. Biarca’s Cloud experts seamlessly integrated the enterprise’s on-premise system with GCP’s Cloud … READ MORE