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Orchestrating Network Services Across Multiple OpenStack Regions Using ONAP (Part 2 of 2)

Orchestrating Network Services Across Multiple OpenStack Regions Using ONAP (Part 2/2) Contributor: Subba Rao Kodavalla In the last installment of this two part blog series, we looked at why NFV clouds are likely to be highly distributed and why the management and orchestration software stack needs to support these numerous clouds. ONAP is one such … READ MORE

Justin Garrison, Stephen Spector, and Rob Hirschfeld on Cloud Native Infrastructure

On April 2, Rob Hirschfeld, CEO/founder at Austin-based infrastructure automation shop RackN, Stephen Spector, RackN’s CMO, and Justin Garrison, Senior Systems Engineer for Walt Disney Studios and co-author (with Kris Nova) of the recent O’Reilly book Cloud Native Infrastructure: Patterns for Scalable Infrastructure and Applications in a Dynamic Environment recorded a fascinating podcast in which … READ MORE

Implementation of Managed, Persistent, Disk-based File Server on GCP, for a Leading Medical Enterprise

A leading medical enterprise found its users’ storage requirements were increasing steadily and also envisioned a need for analytics. Expanding storage on the existing, on-premise, Windows-based file server required substantial CapEx & ongoing OpEx for maintenance, without completely addressing the need for Analytics. Biarca’s Cloud experts seamlessly integrated the enterprise’s on-premise system with GCP’s Cloud … READ MORE

Development, Deployment, and Management of OpenStack Cinder Driver for a Flash Storage Manufacturer

A leading all-flash storage company found its current and potential customers embracing OpenStack and approached Biarca to help make its flash arrays OpenStack compliant right away. Biarca proposed the implementation of a Cinder driver to provide end users a self-service, OpenStack-compliant API for configuring the company’s flash arrays. Biarca developed and tested a Cinder driver … READ MORE

Application Migration to Public Cloud for a Mobile Video-on-Demand Service

A global mobile video-on-demand service with millions of subscribers had an on-premise infrastructure for its applications. It aimed to move the applications to the cloud for greater agility, scalability, high availability, access to managed services and more automated operations management. Biarca successfully moved all the client’s applications to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), leveraging GCP’s Cloud … READ MORE

5 Key ROI Drivers for Cloud Deployment

Most businesses today have heard of cloud computing, and many enterprise IT developers have already transitioned to cloud technology ‐ whether it’s public, private or a hybrid cloud model. It isn’t that these businesses are jumping on some kind of technology bandwagon; they understand – to an extent – that the return on investment (ROI) … READ MORE