GCP & Kubernetes based Resilient, Scalable and Rapidly Deployable Custom Portal

A Fortune 500 contract manufacturing firm hosts a portal for its customers to have complete real-time visibility into the manufacturing pipeline.  Over time, the evolving needs of customers made it critical for the firm’s portal to support high availability, geographic scalability and high velocity deployment. Biarca ported the firm’s portal from AWS to GCP, leveraging … READ MORE

Implementation of Managed, Persistent Disk based File Server on GCP, for a Leading Medical Enterprise

A leading medical enterprise found its users’ storage requirements were increasing steadily and also envisioned a need for analytics. Expanding storage on the existing, on-premise, Windows-based file server required substantial CapEx & ongoing OpEx for maintenance, without completely addressing the need for Analytics. Biarca’s Cloud experts seamlessly integrated the enterprise’s on-premise system with GCP’s Cloud … READ MORE

Biarca helps Linux Foundation Develop and Deploy a CI/CD Workflow for Certification Platform

As part of its charter to enable adoption of new technologies, the Linux Foundation (LF) runs certification programs for Linux Administration/Development and open source technologies like OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, NodeJS, Kubernetes and Hyperledger to name a few. All these certification programs run on a Certification Platform. Until recently, LF’s development and deployment workflow for its … READ MORE

Choosing the Right Network for Your Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes (K8S) supports multiple networks and the range of configuration choices is vast. Sometimes, it gets complex for an organization to choose the right network that satisfies a specific requirement. This gets more difficult if you do not have hands-on experience on that particular network configuration. For example, if an administrator wants to configure a … READ MORE

Analyzing fMRI Images on Google Cloud Platform

Scalable analysis is widely used in the domain of cloud computing, yet it is rarely used in neuroimaging in spite of the availability of technologies for handling large datasets. I feel that in the field of Neuroscience, when it comes to MRI and fMRI analytics with large datasets (with many subjects in the experiments), the … READ MORE

A Google BigQuery Approach to Insights

“Data has stolen the limelight in the technology space today. The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight”~ Carly Fiorina, former CEO, Hewlett-Packard Co. Our team has been working on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) for sometime now. Through this blog, I will share an enriching experience of developing a Physicians’ Dashboard, which … READ MORE