Analyzing fMRI Images on Google Cloud Platform

Scalable analysis is widely used in the domain of cloud computing, yet it is rarely used in neuroimaging in spite of the availability of technologies for handling large datasets. I feel that in the field of Neuroscience, when it comes to MRI and fMRI analytics with large datasets (with many subjects in the experiments), the … READ MORE

A Google BigQuery Approach to Insights

“Data has stolen the limelight in the technology space today. The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight”~ Carly Fiorina, former CEO, Hewlett-Packard Co. Our team has been working on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) for sometime now. Through this blog, I will share an enriching experience of developing a Physicians’ Dashboard, which … READ MORE

Cosine Similarity and Handling Categorical Variables

Machine Learning Recommender Systems depend heavily on the ability to compare multiple characteristics of a large pool of contenders and identify the ones that best match the required characteristics. Comparing characteristics (or parameters) when they are numeric is fairly straightforward. But a lot of characteristics tend to be ‘categorical variables’ that take on a value … READ MORE

Syslog-ng Performance Enhancements for a Global E-Commerce Enterprise

A leading e-commerce enterprise facilitates high volume of transactions, supported by its global infrastructure of servers and applications. The ability to observe the health of these systems is essential for business continuity. It is important to architect and instrument these systems with reliable Logging, Monitoring and Alerting (LMA). Biarca conducted a comprehensive study of the … READ MORE

ONAP vFW Blueprint Across Two Regions

In the last blog, we talked about how to use a public OpenStack cloud such as VEXXHOST as the NFVI layer for the ONAP vFW blueprint along with a containerized version of ONAP orchestrated by Kubernetes. As we discussed, in reality, the traffic source and the vFW VNF are unlikely to be in the same … READ MORE

A Cost Effective Way to Try the ONAP vFW Blueprint

The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is a Linux Foundation project that provides a way to design network services, manage their life-cycle and perform service assurance using real-time policy driven closed-loop automation (i.e. no humans involved, policies directly drive life-cycle management operations). ONAP can be used to automate just about any SDN or NFV service, … READ MORE