Case Studies

Application Re-Engineering

The most important and impactful part of an organization’s cloud journey involves migrating and onboarding existing applications to run on the cloud framework. In most cases, the relative success of this process determines how much (if any) cost- and productivity-benefit the cloud migration can provide in the short to intermediate term, and what its eventual upside will really be. Biarca’s Cloud-Native Applications practice is designed to help ensure that upside. We bring to the table comprehensive understanding of modern, cloud-native application development, including direct use of containers and orchestration, the decomposition of apps to “twelve factor” microservice aggregations, and use of even more productive coding paradigms, like Cloud Foundry PaaS, and Red Hat’s OpenShift.


Legacy App Migration

In a Legacy App Migration/Modernization engagement, we help your organization assess its application portfolio, determine the suitability of apps for operating on the cloud in their present forms (“lift and shift”), and explore the economics of a range of strategies for modernization, including varying degrees of refactoring to enable improved scaling and resiliency, component containerization for simplifying integration and deployment, and DevOps approaches that — on the cloud — can solve operations and lifecycle management problems without the need to substantially change working code.


Green-Field Microservice App Creation

While significant rewrites of mission-critical legacy apps may sometimes be challenging to justify, tomorrow’s mission-critical apps and profit-center services are quite a different story. The apps your business will depend on, two or three years from now, should be built to take advantage of every economic, performance, and resiliency benefit the cloud can offer. The question is: how do you move forward quickly and confidently, if your developers and operators aren’t yet fully-seasoned in DevOps, twelve-factor app best practice, and related disciplines? Rather than lose time, it can be highly efficient to engage with Biarca to create the cloud-native custom apps you need. In the process, they’ll create and implement a blueprint for CI/CD, DevOps, automated testing and other requisites, train your teams in relevant best practice, and speed both your time-to-value and your time-to-cloud-autonomy.


Case Study: Log Processing at Hyperscale

Log aggregation and processing might seem a little boring. But not when the customer wants a Syslog-compatible solution that can collect and process logs on 200,000 servers, accessible on a network subdivided into many different security zones. The solution Biarca delivered was template-driven, designed for orderly scale-out to syslog collection points across the data center. Data-loss was minimal through the scale-out period. The product was further enhanced through integration with a SaaS-based analytics and machine-learning service, now being trained to ignore false positives while correctly identifying threatening warn conditions and escalating them proactively.


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