Our Team

Our Team

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Subha Rajana

CEO  Linkedin icon

Subha leads Biarca, a global cloud-based engineering organization, bringing along a wealth of experience from diversified areas of business. Her strengths include strategy, operations, business development, and general management. Prior to Biarca, she served at Vedams and SriTech, both global software development organizations, in various leadership roles. Subha worked extensively with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Navy, and other government agencies on large, complex projects. Subha is passionate about education and women’s empowerment causes. She is an advisory board member of Pratham USA, a non-profit addressing education and women’s issues in India. She also serves as a Global Advisor for women entrepreneurs through How Women Lead. Subha has participated in several management programs at Stanford University and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Texas.

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Kris Rajana

President and CTO  Linkedin icon

Kris is the president and CTO of Biarca. As an Open Source and Cloud Native technology evangelist, Kris is responsible for engineering strategy and execution. Kris brings a DevOps-centric view to build solutions around infrastructure modernization, cloud native applications, analytics and reliability engineering for Biarca’s global client base. Kris has years of broad data storage experience with senior executive positions at Snap Appliance, Xyratex, Sullego, and as CEO of Vedams. Kris earned his doctorate in engineering science from the Penn State University and has ongoing participation at both Stanford University and Singularity University.

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Bhasker Nallapothula

Director of Engineering

Bhasker is the Director of Engineering at Biarca and oversees the design and development of cutting-edge cloud solutions, with an emphasis on best practices and reliability engineering. Bhasker started his career in Silicon Valley where he was able to obtain engineering experience with several companies including Hewlett Packard, Broadcom, TiVo and security starting AOPTIX. Starting as a developer and soon moving into managing engineering teams, Bhasker brought together global teams for the deployment of server-side system software and tools, with an emphasis on embedded systems. Prior to working with the above firms, Bhasker held engineering and managerial positions at TATA and as an R&D scientist at the Defense Research and Development Organization. Bhasker has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Andhra University.


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Steve Westmoreland


Steve has been a board member and technical advisor to Biarca since 2015. He brings a highly diversified set of business skills in Advanced Networking, Security/Compliance, Technology Operations and Cloud Technologies across a wide range of industries. Steve is widely recognized as a leader in organizing, managing and developing outstanding technology organizations. He has been at the forefront of the commercial use of Open Source technology and the continued evolution of Open Source and agile software development. Steve has a lifelong commitment to learning, living and teaching leadership/integrity in all aspect of life.

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Aaron Fosdick

CISSP Advisor  Linkedin icon

Aaron has over 25 years of experience leading enterprise systems and network operations focusing on secure transaction processing. He is a blue-team expert, specializing in hardening cloud SaaS deployments, and reducing corporate security risks. His compliance experience spans numerous audit frameworks, including SOX, HITRUST/HIPAA, PCI Level 1, and SOC2.