Case Studies

Hands-On is Essential

Technical certifications only have value when certificate holders can apply learned skills in the real world. That means going hands-on: training and testing in real environments, using real tools; demanding that students successfully perform real operations and troubleshooting tasks under realistic conditions, before certificates are granted.


“I have worked with Biarca over the past three years on eight performance certifications, and find them extremely competent at implementing performance tests, specifically in the software arena. Biarca is responsive, has a depth of programming talent especially in cloud applications, and understands the requirements for delivering hands-on performance testing.”

— Wallace Judd, President, Authentic Testing


DevOps Automation to the Rescue

Biarca’s performance-based testing practice works with partners to engineer realistic technology training and testing environments, fully-virtualized on cloud platforms and globally accessible to students and instructors using standard browsers; SSH, sFTP, and VNC clients and other operations tools. We make these environments easy to operate and administer, easy to deploy and scale, to reconfigure on the fly, recover and reset, and take out of service when not in use.


“Biarca addressed a critical need for the Kubernetes community by helping implement the Certified Kubernetes Administrator performance-based exam. We are committed to growing the community of Kubernetes administrators, and certification is valuable to demonstrate credibility in this market.”

— Dan Kohn, Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation


Things we can Build

Then, using DevOps techniques developed in our cloud practices, we can create flexible, powerful automation to drive training and testing within these realistic environments.

  • Live Labs™ for benchmarking student skills and reinforcing theory and classroom instruction.
  • Pre- and post-training assessments that measure improvement in on-task performance, validating training benefits
  • Fully-automated, cloud-based curricula that let trainees replicate the real world, risk-free, and that can be optimized based on student feedback and other criteria
  • Performance-based certification test lab sequences, automated to permit effortless administration by test supervisors. Exams run smoothly, and hands-on tests in realistic conditions provide reliable assurance that students can apply what they’ve learned



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