DevOps is tools and best-practice for codifying, standardizing, and automating the building, testing, packaging, deployment, operations, and lifecycle management process for software and complex solution stacks, including apps and software-defined cloud/container infrastructure. DevOps gets you:

  • Faster, more agile releases
  • More insightful testing, broader test coverage, better code quality
  • Mastery of complexity: easier deployment and lifecycle management of applications and infrastructure-as-code
  • A more responsive business and happier customers

Biarca designs, builds, and manages DevOps processes and continuous delivery pipelines for some of the world’s biggest software projects, and builds DevOps into application and full-stack cloud architectures to make them more manageable. It’s the life’s breath of everything we do.

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Infrastructure Modernization

Today’s software runs on clouds, hosting virtual machines, containers, abstract platforms, or serverless functions. And these complex, highly-optimizable cloud infrastructure platforms are also software.

Biarca specializes in engineering turnkey private, public, and hybrid clouds and application-optimized full-stack cloud solutions that are made repeatably deployable, easily customizable, quickly scalable, updateable and upgradeable using DevOps and automation.

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Cloud-Native Applications

Container orchestration and microservice-based, horizontally-scalable, ‘twelve-factor’ application architectures offer huge benefits for enterprises and service providers. But mastering these technologies at organizationally-meaningful scales and undertaking the refactoring of critical applications can be fraught with risk. Biarca serves some of the world’s best-known and most-savvy businesses — helping them select appropriate technologies and strategies and executing seamlessly on app migration and greenfield microservice projects.

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Analytics/Machine Learning

New technologies for deep learning and machine vision scale powerfully in the cloud to meet the challenges of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and AI applications across a host of industries. Biarca is pioneering the integration of machine learning, realtime and predictive analytics into applications that exploit clouds for scale and cost management, and DevOps+CI/CD for managing development and operational complexity.

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Site Reliability Engineering

Biarca cloud infrastructure and application engineering teams are backed up by world-class operations and support staff on two continents. This empowers us to provide a wide range of turn-key site reliability engineering services. We can build, then remotely operate your private or hybrid cloud, container orchestration platform, or PaaS implementation. We can build specialized CI/CD solutions, then run them to provide Devops-as-a-Service. We’re accustomed to meeting stringent SLAs and our deep technical bench-strength makes us highly efficient at resolving issues. Plus: Should you wish to resume control of your infrastructure, we’ll work with you to structure orderly disengagement, providing training and ongoing support to assure your continued success.

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Performance-Based Training and Testing

Biarca’s performance-based testing practice works with partners to engineer realistic technology training and testing environments, fully-virtualized on cloud platforms and globally accessible to students and instructors using standard tools. Then, using automation techniques perfected in our cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices, Biarca can implement a wide range of dynamic, fully-automated, performance-based training and testing solutions, including Live Labs™ for reinforcing classroom training, automated pre- and post-training assessments, fully-automated technology curricula, and performance-based certification testing that puts students in simulated real-world scenarios and makes them use their skills.

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